Racegeek d10 is all about numbers

racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri news 1

We present the brand new racegeek d10, a racing tactician with a different concept, able to give you the right numbers at the right time.

The right numbers for the winning choice

Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.1
Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.2
Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.3
Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.4

When two experienced Irish engineers are united by an unbridled passion for sailing, anything can arise, even racegeek.

racegeek is the son of this deep passion, of technology, of well done things and of the ambition to cross the finish line first. When this son turns out to be a clearly superior instrument, it may not be a surprise.

For racegeek "it's all about numbers", each has its own meaning but must appear at the right time and must be calculated correctly. Qua racegeek has made a clear difference to what the market has offered so far. The d10 is trained to follow you through every stage of the race to show you, each time, only the information that interests you, even automatically.

The d10 is the first racing tactic designed by racegeek. It follows you from the start of the race in Pre-departure mode, and then switches to Performance mode, where you will optimize your pace, and then come to Navigation mode to refine your approach to the waypoint.

It stores 10 of all the data per second and at the end of the day, these can be transferred to the Cloud for post-analysis of the training or regatta. In addition, these data can also be compared with other users of the d10.

The d10 with its wide characters (60 or 40 mmm), can also be used as a simple repeater or thanks to the integrated WiFi we could use it to send data to racing tactical apps or some specific apps that racegeek is developing.

The d10 sensors are not random, they incorporate a GPS/GLONASS and a gyroscope / accelerometer / 9-axis magnetometer. While the missing sensors that are wind and transducer sensors for water-related speed, can be integrated either via WiFi (in NMEA 0183 or Signal K) or via cable (NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 or Signal K).

Mauro Dell'Uomo, Marine Pan Service administrator, comments "Today we are flattered to include racegeek among the brands we represent for Italy. We lacked racing tactics in our offer, but we're not just filling a gap, we're including one of the most prestigious products in our offer.

racegeek d10 is already available in our magazines and can be purchased from the best dealers.

Born to win

Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.5

racegeek has just been born and already wins! Not only at the prestigious Pitman Innovation Awards but also in some important regattas. In fact, there are several competitions where he has already participated and where the d10 seems to have helped to make a difference. The sailors have always expressed particularly positive opinions and have indicated that they are faced with a tactician of a higher level.

The following are some of the results achieved in this 2018:

  • World Championship J/70: first and second.
  • UK National Championship J/70: first.
  • Swiss National Championship J/70 : second overall.
  • European SB20: first non-professional and second overall.
  • USA Melges 24 National Championship: first non-professional and third overall.

Display modes

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Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.8
Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.9
Racegeek d10 è tutta una questione di numeri n.10


  • Boat speed
  • Distance from the line
  • Countdown
  • Good side (buoy or jury)
  • Bow direction


  • Boat speed
  • Bow direction
  • Wind Shift Indicator
  • Average wind angle
  • Lane departure angle


  • Boat speed
  • Angle of correction for the buoy
  • Distance to the buoy
  • Bow direction


  • Boat speed
  • Bow direction
  • Depth
  • Tide


  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Boat speed