P6 Nitro and more from Bluefin LED

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Bluefin LED presents a renewed production for 2016 with implementations on the whole range and introduces the new Piranha P6 Nitro.

Production 2016

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Bluefin LED continues to be successful in its production of underwater lights, so as to be identified as the company of first absolute reference of this technology.

This was confirmed by the last METS exhibition, where the stand had been made practically impractical by the large influx of interested operators.
The 2016 production was presented at METS, where all the models in the series enjoyed an optimisation process that involved both brightness and further measures to protect the headlamp from "dirty" power sources.

Even greater interest was shown in the new Piranha P6 Nitro. In the 2015 season, the Piranha P6 was the headlamp that received the most approval, for this reason Bluefin LED has decided to further enrich it with this new version Nitro.

The new Piranha P6 Nitro

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The Piranha P6 Nitro boasts a new and original device that allows you to increase the brightness from 2500 to 3000 lumens, called Nitro Boost. So when you need to spread an effect of higher intensity, you can easily turn on the Nitro Boost function, but if the situation is suitable for a softer effect, you can turn off this function, saving on energy consumption.

In addition, unlike the previous P6, the new Nitro is also available in the 24 V version. to meet the needs of larger boats or where it is difficult to find 12 V sources.

For the rest, the Piranha P6 Nitro follows the winning aspects of the previous model: ease of installation, multiple protections and a perfect beam of 60°. In addition, like all Bluefin LED production, the Piranha P6 Nitro is also RINA approved.

The Piranha P6 Nitro is already available in our warehouses in 7 versions: white, blue or green light for both 12 and 24 V. + the color-changing version that supports both power supplies, but does not implement the "Nitro Boost" function. While the previous Piranha P6 remains a product destined to run out.