OLAS the MOB system on your smartphone

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With OLAS you can be sure of the presence of your crew on board and in case of man overboard you are alarmed and guided to recovery.

OLAS Exposure, more than one eye on your crew ...

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OLAS is the bracelet of Exposure Lights that through a free app allows you to monitor the presence on board of your crew, objects or pets and in case of man overboard (MOB), to guide you to the recovery of the unfortunate.

OLAS makes you feel confident about the presence on board your crew, finding on your smartphone all those who wore the bracelet and who are identified by the name you gave them on the app.

OLAS goes beyond the limits of other MOB systems, which are not self-contained as they need other cumbersome devices to complete their recovery functionalities. OLAS only needs a smartphone or tablet to operate and is also an economical system: only 54.90 Euro per bracelet.

We can connect up to 8 bracelets to one or more smartphones and monitor each presence through the convenient free app for Android or iOS devices. In the event of a man overboard, Bluetooth pairing stops and the app clearly shows the direction to the GPS position where the alarm occurred, as well as emitting an audible and bright alarm.

The app is really well equipped and trivial to use. The navigation page for the recovery of man at sea, shows the data strictly necessary: a large arrow of direction, the course in degrees (COG) and the distance to man at sea (SOG). In case we have to call the Coast Guard via VHF, the app is equipped with a page with summaries of all the words and GPS data that we should scan in voice, thus simplifying this procedure, not always simple in case of panic on board. Another page summarizes the maneuvers to be adopted in case of man overboard.

The bracelet is rubbery and is fastened like a watch, you can wear it on the wrist or on any tubular object or instead of the strap you pass a strap, such as that of the lifejacket.

The bracelet uses a Bluetooth module with very low power consumption to extend an autonomy of 5 months, at the end of which the internal battery (CR2477) can be easily replaced. The Bluetooth module is in class 2, therefore with a range up to about 10 meters, for this reason the OLAS is not suitable for boats over 50 feet.

OLAS is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

The Prerogatives of OLAS

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  • MOB system for smartphones.
  • Bracelet equipped with Bluetooth.
  • Connects up to 8 bracelets to a smartphone or tablet.
  • A bracelet can be connected to multiple smartphones or tablets.
  • Free app for iOS and Android devices.
  • The In case of MOB app emits the sound of a siren and a light signal.
  • Stores the time and GPS coordinates where the incident occurred.
  • The app shows the direction and distance to the man at sea.
  • The rubber bracelet is easily worn on the wrist, to any object or animal.
  • Summary page of the data to be transmitted in the event of a call to the coastguard.
  • Page that remembers the maneuvers to perform in case of man overboard.
  • Suitable for boats up to 50 feet.
  • Bracelet with 5 months battery life and low charge alarm.