Mako M12 Great Performance from a Small Lighthouse

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From Bluefin LED an additional test of LED technology with the Mako M12, with the extractability; of the driver on a particularly small headlight.

Mako M12, class, technology and great effects

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Bluefin LED continues to receive multiple acclaim on a range that has now become very wide, especially in view of the very young age of the company.

Today the range is further expanded by presenting the new Mako M12, a product destined to become an important reference in this category for technology and solutions adopted.

The new Bleufin LED Mako excels in the miniaturisation of underwater LED headlamp technology. In fact, in a headlamp with a total diameter of only 85 mm. and a length of 120 mm, Bluefin LED has managed to include all the technology present in large headlamps.

The small Mako is able to release 6000 lumens at an angle of 60° and has the function of replacing the body of the LED with a boat in the water, a prerogative normally reserved only for headlights of much larger dimensions.

The Mako M12 requires a hole of only 65 mm to be installed under the keel or on the sides of the boat. In the case of any failure, very rare on a Bluefin LED headlight, the operation of replacing the driver is very fast and does not require the towing of the boat.

The Mako M12 offers Builtin Driver technology, high and low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, active thermal control and a protective layer to prevent marine vegetation.

The structure of the Mako is made of bronze and the lenses are made of robust borosilicate. It is available in 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc version. The colour of the light is available in diamond white, topaz blue or emerald green.

Bluefin LED, other news at METS ...

If you are planning to visit the METS trade fair in Amsterdam from 17 November 2015, you can't miss a visit to the Bluefin LED stand.

The British company is in fact unstoppable and will be presenting further interesting news at METS. If you are curious, all you have to do is wait until November 17th!

Bluefin LED Variation Prices

Following the appreciation of the pound against the Euro over the past year, we were forced to make a small increase (from 5% to 8%) on all Bluefin LED products. This change is already operational and can be seen in our price lists.