The emergency and signalling torch par excellence

la torcia di emergenza e segnalazione per eccellenza news 1

From GME the LED signal and emergency torch that will never stop working; never be able to make a difference in case of danger.

The GME ET100 Emergency, Signalling and Leisure Time

La torcia di emergenza e segnalazione per eccellenza n.1
La torcia di emergenza e segnalazione per eccellenza n.2

From the world's leading manufacturer of EPIRB, a torch that can make our leisure time safer and more comfortable. The GME ET100 is not just a simple LED torch, but a product designed and engineered to be the best companion in any emergency situation.

But the GME ET100 torch does not excel only in emergency situations, in fact its versatility and powerful brightness, make it the ideal product for many different uses, from boating, camping, off-road, trekking and home.

The GME ET100 is ecologically recharged with a rotating movement and is capable of recharging smartphones and tablets. With a few seconds of action you get a few minutes of light (at minimum, but still modest intensity), a true example of ecological efficiency and a guarantee that the ET100 will never stop making light! To charge your smartphone or other small devices, you will use a USB output. To fully charge the ET100, a USB input can be used.

The GME ET100 is made of sturdy, high-visibility yellow polycarbonate, is waterproof, floats with light upwards, light intensity is adjustable, flash function, SOS, whistle, signalling mirror and orientation compass. So even in the most severe emergency situations, with the ET100 we will never really feel alone! ... even if the batteries of our mobile phone leave us, we will have the opportunity to recharge it!

In addition, because we must not miss anything in the presence of the ET100, the torch was also equipped with a knife, a can opener and a robust bottle opener on the base of the torch.

GME is imported into Italy by Marine Pan Service and the ET-100 torch is already available in our warehouses.

10 Prerogatives that make the ET100 Torch unique

La torcia di emergenza e segnalazione per eccellenza n.3
  1. Led with adjustable brightness up to 150 Lumens.
  2. Eco-charge by hand.
  3. Can charge smartphones and tablets.
  4. Waterproof and floats with light on top.
  5. Robust construction and high visibility yellow.
  6. High capacity lithium battery.
  7. SOS and flash function.
  8. Whistle and mirror for signals.
  9. Orientation compass.
  10. Knife, can opener and bottle opener.