Stereo System for Motorcycles - The reference is Boss

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With Boss you can enrich your bike with an excellent stereo system and customized to your needs, thanks to the wide range available.

The Stereo System you've always dreamed of for your Motorcycle

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With Boss your bike becomes really suitable for listening to good music. In fact, you can equip it with a stereo system designed specifically for this need and to make the design of your bike more attractive.

Boss is now the reference in this sector and today presents further models to meet the growing and varied needs.

Until recently, the motorcycle stereo system was considered only by a few centaurs, but, with the advent of Boss, much has changed in this area. First of all, Boss has provided an exciting audio power and also now has a full line with Bluetooth connection that makes it easy to scan our songs from our smartphone or MP3 player.

The Boss range of motorcycle stereo systems is suitable for all small vehicles, from motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to ATVs. Acoustic quality is assured by Boss, a leader in audio in many automotive sectors.

4 new stereo systems for motorcycles for all needs ...

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The 4 models we present today are all equipped with Bluetooth connection and aux input. This makes it particularly easy to connect our smartphone via Bluetooth or to connect older audio players via the AUX input.

The MC420B is designed for those who do not want maximum power and at the same time want to keep costs down.

While the MCBK420B model is the only one in the range in black and therefore suitable for the design of motorcycles that do not have many chrome parts or more simply for those who want a more sober style.

The Boss MC470B is a complete system with 4 speakers capable of delivering a total power of 1000 W (peak) and therefore adapts to the most demanding who want the highest acoustic quality from their system.

The MC600B is the most complete system and includes MFC (Multi Function Control) which allows you to select the source, volume, track, pairing, power on and off.

All models are already available in our warehouses.

Let's use our bike wisely!

Remember that the smartphone should not be used when driving and that the stereo system should not overwhelm the possible acoustic signals coming from the road.

Also if our desire is to listen to music when the bike is stationary, let's remember that the stereo can absorb a lot, especially if the volume is high. So if we estimate this kind of use, let's make sure we have a battery suitable for this absorption or let's provide ourselves with a spare battery to eventually turn on the bike again.