The success of OLAS

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OLAS launched on the market in June 2017 is enjoying a unique success, we try to explain why.

OLAS, let's explain the reason for its success

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Il successo di OLAS n.2

We are surprised by the success of Exposure Lights' OLAS. In fact, very often the Italian market is not attracted by the devices dedicated to the safety of navigation, while the OLAS has had a different response.

We invite you again to read his presentation of June:
OLAS the MOB system on your smartphone

The explanation of the sympathy that the market has reserved for OLAS, is certainly in its ease of use and the fact that the smartphone is increasingly commonly used on boats, thanks to the greater availability of apps for navigation or for nautical entertainment.

OLAS is able to make your trips at sea safer and therefore more enjoyable, gaining better control over your crew, pets or the most valuable objects.

OLAS Let's see it in its use

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We want to present the video of Exposure Light (unfortunately in English), certainly able to give more details on how to use OLAS:

We would also like to highlight the video made by one of our customers (Magellan Store), also able to well emphasize the characteristics of OLAS:

OLAS now also has a menu in Italian

At the time of its presentation, the app only had an English-language menu. Today the OLAS app is also available in Italian language and we at Marine Pan Service have also collaborated in the translation so that the terminology was the right one.