The new Waketowers of Boss Marine

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Other original solutions from Boss presenting new fully autonomous waketowers, equipped with their own amplifier and Bluetooth connection.

Where and when to install the Waketower

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The waketower is a type of loudspeaker to be adapted usually on the rollbar or where there is a availability of a tube suitable for installation, such as the rollbar or the structure of the awning (if robust), but not on elements too external, such as the pulpit, where the waketower would be too exposed to the weather.

On the roll bar of sports boats (motorboats or inflatables) the waketower finds the ideal installation, because it is able to give an attractive aesthetic sense that is common with the profiles of this type of boat. Normally the waketower sound is oriented towards the stern, also to accompany musically those who perform with towing sports.

We must remember that these sports are not exempt from risk and it is important that there is a dialogue between the pilot of the hull and those who are towed. So you must be careful that there is no music at least during the maneuvers of departure.

The new autonomous waketowers from Boss Marine

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Also in the case of waketowers, Boss Marine presents new and original solutions. The new BM40AMPBT and BM650AMPBT models are equipped with their own amplifier and Bluetooth connection. Virtually every pair of waketowers in this series can be considered a complete stereo system that does not require any additional components.

Just connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth, maybe using apps like Spotify, Pandora etc. The waketower will take care of amplifying the audio signal and emitting excellent music with its own acoustic system. If you prefer a cable connection, these waketowers still offer an AUX socket for connecting even older devices.

We think it's a really interesting idea, especially for sports boats, to be able to postpone the purchase of the classic marine stereo, choosing instead a pair of these waketowers that will take care not only of the diffusion, but also of the amplification and the connection with the smartphone. Without forgetting that these waketowers, thanks to their excellent acoustic insulation, spread a powerful music, wide and of excellent quality.

They are sold in pairs, the first element "master" operates as an amplifier, the other has "slave" functionality, or behaves like a simple speaker that reproduces the amplified sound sent by the master.

The Bluetooth connection is made by a special controller that connects to the Mini-DIN socket of the waketower master. The controller not only turns the unit on and off, but also allows you to advance tracks, adjust the volume, connect to AUX and pair with your smartphone.

To keep the power consumption low, they use a class "D" amplifier, do not absorb anything in the stand-by position and disconnect from the battery if it is not well charged. The construction is protected for the marine environment according to the IPx5 standard.

The 2 models differ in size and power. The BM40AMPBT is contained in a diameter of 102mm and offers 500W (peak), while the BM650AMPBT with a diameter of 165mm releases as much as 750W (peak).
They are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

The entry level Waketower MRWT40

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The MRWT40 model has not evolved as the previous ones and is to be considered as a simple speaker (without amplifier and Bluetooth). The MRWT40 is therefore a useful waketower as an add-on to our onboard audio system.

The MRWT40 "Boss Marine" takes up very little space (only 102 mm in diameter), but makes a generous sound with a power of 400 W (peak). It is also sold in pairs and is built to be watertight according to the IPx5 standard.