Chillbox Portable Fridge with Cold Heart

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From the Ventura line by Snooper, two portable refrigerators designed for your leisure needs on board, in the car, in your camper, anywhere ...

Portable refrigerators to cool your food anywhere

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Snooper is a leader in the production of navigators for heavy vehicles and in the last 5 years with the Ventura line has become a reference also in leisure devices. Today Snooper joins the Ventura line with the Chillbox series composed of two portable refrigerators with excellent performance.

Whether you're at home, on a boat, in a motor home, in the mountains or by the sea, fresh, ready-to-eat food remains a top priority. Snooper, focusing on this need, has designed the Chillbox series to best meet this need.

The Chillbox portable refrigerators, with reference to their respective category, are light, cool more at the same power consumption and more spacious at the same total volume.

The entire ChillBox series can be powered by both 220 Vac and 12/24 Vdc so that it can always be powered regardless of where you are: at home, in the car, on a boat, in a camper or on your plane.

Snooper Ventura Chillbox CB4500

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The Chillbox CB4500 is the ideal refrigerated bag for transporting from one place to another: from home to the car, from the car to the boat or camper or simply to the place of our picnic.

In fact, with a weight of only 9.5 kg, two comfortable handles and integrated wheels, it will be easy to transport it from one place to another and thus have drinks and fresh food within reach at all times.

If the priority is to preheat the food, the CB4500 Chillbox is also designed to heat up to 65° C.

The Chilbox guarantees the best performance thanks to the Peltier solid state heat pump, very advanced and with reduced consumption. In addition, there is no problem with excess condensation: a special drain will drain down to the last drop.

The Chillbox CB4500 has an internal capacity of 45 Lt., cools down to 23° C below the outside temperature and can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

Snooper Ventura Chillbox CF3200

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The Chillbox CF3200 is a true portable refrigerator freezer with compressor capable of cooling from 10°C to -30°C.

It is equipped with many functions all controllable on the display, for example we can precisely set the desired internal temperature, or set the absorption mode "Eco/Max".

Particularly useful is the "Battery Protection" function that allows you to interrupt the power supply, if the battery voltage falls below a certain threshold settable on 3 levels of intervention, so we will protect the battery and we will have no problems to start the engine.

The CF3200 Chillbox has an internal capacity of 32 Lt, weighs 14 Kg. and absorbs a maximum of 45 W.