Chillbox CF3200 portable refrigerator for temperatures down to -30°C

Chillbox CF3200 Chiuso

Snooper Ventura Chillbox CF3200 with compressor, cools down to -30°C, "Eco/Max" and "battery protection" functions.


The Snooper Ventura Chillbox CF3200 is an advanced portable refrigerator freezer with compressor capable of cooling down to -30°C.

Inside there are two separate compartments, one for refrigerator use and the other as a freezer, each can be adjusted separately. The display clearly shows the temperature in use and it is particularly easy to change it.

The "Battery Protection" function, which can be set to 3 levels, allows the battery not to be discharged beyond a certain threshold, so as to prevent the batteries from being discharged to the point of no longer starting the engine.

The Snooper Ventura Chillbox CF3200 absorbs a maximum of 45 W and weighs 14 Kg.


  • 390-2000

    Snooper Ventura ChillBox CF3200 - Portable Fridge

    GTIN13: 5019896320067; Weight: 16 kg; Dimensions: 70 x 41 x 45 cm
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  • Portable refrigerator and freezer with compressor for temperatures between 10°C and -30°C.
  • Status LED and display to display and set the temperature to the exact desired degree.
  • Equipped with 2 compartments (fridge/freezer) each one separately adjustable in temperature.
  • Eco/Max functionality to balance the absorption as needed.
  • Battery Protection" feature to prevent the battery from discharging beyond a threshold that can be set to 3 levels of intervention.
  • Powered by 220 Vac, 24 Vdc and 12 Vdc.
  • Internal capacity of 32 Lt.
  • Absorption up to 45W.
  • Weight 14 Kg., dimensions 630 x 360 x 370 mm.


220 Vac power supply with 5 m cable and 2.5 m cable for 12/24 VDC.