GME GX600D now Costa Meno

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GME repositions the price of its VHF/DSC GX600D from 525.00 Euro to 312.00 Euro to the public.

GME GX600D ora Costa Meno n.1
GME GX600D ora Costa Meno n.2

The GME GX600D VHF, with its depth of only 77 mm, is still the smallest marine fixed-use VHF available on the market.

The GME GX600D VHF is a true example of what GME's design technologies can do. Of course, the technology does not always manage to share the commercial objectives and in fact the GME GX600D, in addition to having always been considered a VHF with the only prerogatives, has unfortunately also been considered a non-economic VHF.

Today the technology of the GME GX600D marine VHF costs 213.00 Euro less with the intention of being able to further spread it to boats with smaller planks that have no space for common VHF.

To achieve this commercial goal, unfortunately, the GME GX600D has now been deprived of the possibility of driving a second station as well. However, the re-containment of costs now include the possibility of inserting instead of the second station, a second VHF, while maintaining a lower total cost.