Ingeniousness for the new dashboard stereos from Boss Marine

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Boss Marine introduces the new MGR150B and MGR250B dashboard stereos, designed to mark another important step in innovation.

MGR150B and MGR250B behind a perfect design

Genialità per i nuovi stereo da cruscotto di Boss Marine n.2
Genialità per i nuovi stereo da cruscotto di Boss Marine n.4

Those who follow Boss Marine, know his predisposition towards innvocations that has not been missed even on this occasion.

The market mainly requires a stereo capable of communicating at best with our smartphone and at the same time the boating industry requires more compact models with simplified features in order to be less solicited by the environment in which they will have to operate.

The answer is MGR150B and MGR250B that come from an excellent project where everything has been simplified to the advantage of compactness, aesthetics, ergonomics and durability.

In fact these new models need a hole of only 76 mm to be installed and the aesthetics represents another innovative aspect that surprises at first impact. Ergonomics, on the other hand, is ensured by the simplification of functions that has reduced control to a few buttons, which are well sized and can be interacted even with gloves.

The deprivation of the display and the radio is a choice that will make people argue, but Boss Marine has demanded maximum robustness and durability over time. In fact, this simplification has allowed the design of the front part as a single block without gaps where moisture normally thickens and then penetrates inside. Those used to streaming from smartphones do not need the display, especially if they have to connect to a Boss Marine stereo with cutting-edge technology in the process of connection via Bluetooth.
If, on the other hand, radio is a necessity, it should be remembered that most smartphones on the market are equipped with FM.

In short, the new MGR150B and MGR250B are an extension of the functionality of our smartphone, which can make easy streaming directly on a system with excellent acoustic characteristics and guaranteed by Boss Marine technology.

Despite the small size MGR150B and MGR250B come out with 50W(peak) per channel, which represents a good power for most needs. However, if we want to combine a more advanced system complete with amplifier, it will be easy to use the Pre Amp output present in both models.

Obviously Boss Marine has not deprived these stereos of the AUX and USB inputs, which for a better protection are placed on the back, but can be brought back to the console through the optional accessory MUSB35.

The main difference between the two models is the internalamplifier, theMGR150B has only two channels, while theMGR250B has four.

This article is a preview, in fact the new models MGR150B and MGR250B will be available only from February 2021.