Boss Marine Updates

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There are more and more fans of this brand, its music exalts, quality; convinces and competitiveness; commercial is clear.

More and more shares for Boss Marine

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Marine Pan Service has seen an abundant doubling of the sales volumes of Boss Marine products in May and June, compared to the same months of the previous year.

This result is certainly the result of a good return to boating after the lockdown, but it is undeniable that Boss Marine is becoming more and more passionate, particularly linked to the strong prerogatives of this brand.

Users find in Boss Marine an audio quality difficult to find elsewhere, a particular reliability on all components, such a competitiveness to contain the expense even on more sophisticated systems, a design always fascinating and avant-garde. This is Boss Marine!

Boss Marine Availability Problems and News

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We must point out that our stocks allocated for this season, for the above reasons, have been found to be insufficient. So right now, many of the products in the range, especially the stereos, are running out of stock in our warehouses. If you are interested, we strongly suggest you hurry, as the next arrivals are only scheduled for the end of September 2020.

This season Boss Marine was supposed to bring many new products to the attention. Unfortunately, for reasons related to the virus, everything has been delayed. So these will be moved to Autumn.

Among these novelties, we want to anticipate that there will be a new series of dashboard stereos that will be added to the current one and that will present models of all bands, from the entry level one, up to a multimedia stereo that will be positioned at the top of the current range (even beyond the MGV550B model in the picture on the side).

Boss Marine price adjustment

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We are forced to review many prices in the range today. This adjustment is not a repercussion of the Covid-19, but is the result of a change we received in December 2019 and our abundant stocks have allowed us to move this adjustment to date. It remains clear that Covid is creating problems in all production processes and therefore we cannot exclude that there may soon be an increase, specifically for these reasons.

In this update there are decreases or increases all under 25%. There are more items that have decreased than increased. Unfortunately, the increases affect more the stereos and therefore the most important products.