Bluefin LED enriches Piranha series

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Bluefin LED presents the new Piranha P12, an underwater spotlight that with its 5500 lumens is able to make a scenic effect of high levels.

Piranha P12 the new reference for the economic zone

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Bluefin LED is now recognized as the first reference in underwater LED headlamp technology for quality, performance and its original solutions. At Bluefin LED, the team of engineers with decades of experience in this segment, is always looking for new solutions, to better meet an increasingly attentive and pretentious demand.

Exactly in this context was born the new Piranha P12, an underwater light that as a cost remains in line with the affordability of this series, but that releases a brightness of 5500 lumens, or a brightness traceable on the headlights of much higher range.

The Piranha P12 is therefore an underwater lighthouse designed for those who demand maximum scenic impact, but at the same time do not want to give up the well-known simplicity of installation common to the entire Piranha series.

If we are embarrassed by the choice of the colour of the light, the Piranha P12 also offers the Dual version, i.e. prepared with the double colour white/blue, with which we could choose at any time one of the two colours (with brightness and absorption reduced to half), or both for a cold white effect and maximum brightness. We will also have a fourth mode where we will activate the strobe function with alternation between the two colors for a festive atmosphere.

The Piranha P12, is installed with incredible ease by running a small cable inside and tightening 3 screws, just like the other models in the Piranha series. However, it is necessary to follow the manual meticulously, because the gluing phase using the specific sikaflex is a procedure to be followed with care.

The Piranha P12 benefits from all those technologies and solutions that have distinguished Bluefin LED in terms of reliability, such as the Builtin Driver solution, the self-regulating thermal control that makes it suitable for installations outside the water, as the I will adjust to a lower brightness to avoid overheating.

It is RINA approved (like all Bluefin LED models) and is available in a Dual version or in 4 colour versions. All 5 versions are compatible with 12 and 24 V systems.