Bluetooth Amplifier - You Don't See but You Feel

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Boss Marine rides the new technologies and introduces the MC900B Bluetooth amplifier that does not require the presence of the stereo in the console.

Clear the space from your Console!

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"Boss Marine" presents the new amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity that you will stack directly from your smartphone, without the need for an additional unit in the console, saving space and cost for the traditional stereo.

Today with Bluetooth connectivity the traditional stereo is not necessary, in fact it is nice to use our favorite app on your smartphone and send music via Bluetooth.

The MC900B Boss Marine is a marine 4 channel amplifier, with a total power of 500 W (peak), capable of driving in an excellent way the speakers arranged on the boat, thus creating a sound system of value and without taking away space in the console.

The connection via Bluetooth is incredibly easy and is the result of a constant commitment of Boss to implement and improve the simplicity of connection of all its devices.

The MC900B Boss Marine includes a watertight keyboard which, if desired, can be inserted in the console or in another easily accessible place, so that we can have additional control to scan our music.

Despite its excellent performance, the MC900B "Boss Marine" is really thin (only 43 mm thick!) to be inserted even in the smallest peaks. It is equipped with AUX and USB outputs (only for charging devices) and those who wish can take them up to the console, using the optional accessory MUSB35.

The MC900B Boss Marine will be available in our warehouses at the end of April 2015.