Boss Marine MC900B Bluetooth Amplifier

MC900B Boss Marine

The MC900B Boss Marine is a Bluetooth amplifier that can connect directly to your smartphone and thus drive music from your app.


Launch your favorite music app on your smartphone, the rest will be provided by the amplifier Boss Marine MC900B that will spread on your boat the audio detected via Bluetooth.

The MC900B Boss Marine is in fact an amplifier with integrated Bluetooth so it does not need a stereo in the console to drive the audio on your boat, with the advantage of not sacrificing valuable space in the console and avoid the cost of a stereo.

The MC900B Boss Marine includes a marinized keyboard that we can insert in another easily accessible place, so we have an additional command point to control our music.

The MC900B "Boss Marine", while expressing a total power 500 W (peak), remains contained in the dimensions (only 43 mm thick). It is equipped with AUX and USB ports (only for charging) and those who wish can take them up to the console, using the optional accessory MUSB35.


  • 240-3496

    Boss Marine MC900B Bluetooth Amplifier 125W x 4

    GTIN13: 0791489100762; Weight: 1.5 kg; Dimensions: 35.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 cm
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  • Bluetooth for connection to smartphones, MP3 players etc.
  • Max total power 500 W - 125 W peak for 4 channels.
  • Keyboard for additional control point.
  • AUX and USB input for charging.
  • Pair of outputs Pre-Amp.
  • Marinisation Boss Marine.
  • Dimensions 196 x 95 x 43 mm.


Keyboard for on/off with volume and progress control.


Prices include VAT