Boss Marine Bluetooth Portable Speaker MRBT200

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The MRBT200 Boss Marine is an advanced portable Bluetooth speaker, protected from water and shocks, with a really amazing sound quality.

Boss Marine MRBT200 the inseparable portable speaker

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Wherever you are, whether you're at the beach, in the mountains, in the air, in the boat, in the car, at a friend's house or practicing your action sport, MRBT200 will always be with you, to cheer you up and put you in a musical context where the audio quality is 100% "Boss Marine".

The MRBT200 portable loudspeaker is very practical to carry and with its 168 mm length and 70 mm diameter, is able to accommodate even in a large pocket and is still equipped with a handy carabiner to be attached to the backpack or belt, or hung from any hook or tubular.

The audio quality is ensured by the state of the art of the components used, is structured on 3 active drivers (two woofers and one tweeter) and two passive radiators. The sound covers in a linear way all the audio frequencies necessary for an excellent result.

The Bluetooth connection system is also highly technological in order to limit the necessary procedures to a minimum. Using it you will realize how responsive the connection is and how easily you will be guided to the first pairing. In addition, owners of Android systems will be further facilitated in the use of NFC Pairing technology. If we don't have a Bluetooth device with us, we can always connect the MRBT200 via the AUX input with a 3.5 mm connector.

The MRBT200 portable loudspeaker houses a well dimensioned lithium battery that allows 8 hours of autonomy in continuous use and is easily recharged via micro USB connector.

The Boss Marine MRBT200 incorporates a microphone and hands-free functionality, so no problem if during the listening we receive a call, indeed it will be an additional opportunity to share all together the event.

The MRBT200 portable speaker is water resistant (IPx4 not submersible!) and we will therefore have no problem taking it with us to the beach, boat or countryside on a rainy day. It is also impact resistant, thanks also to a generous layer of rubber that covers the frame.

Included in the package are the carabiner, the adapter cable from USB to micro USB and audio cable with 2 male connectors of 3.5 mm.

The prerogatives that distinguish the MRBT200

Altoparlante Portatile Bluetooth Boss Marine MRBT200 n.6
  • State-of-the-art components: 3 active drivers + 2 passive radiators.
  • Bluetooth with simplified connection and NFC pairing.
  • Shock and water resistant (IPx4).
  • Hands-free functionality.
  • Lithium battery for 8 hours of autonomy in continuous use.
  • Charges via micro USB connector.
  • Only 70 mm in diameter and 168 mm in length.
  • Commands for song selection.
  • Controls for adjusting the volume.
  • Internal microphone.
  • Range of action 10 mt.
  • Aux. input

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Boss Marine is a registered trademark of Boss Audio Systems.