NFC - Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing simplifies the Bluetooth connection by physically connecting the two devices.

What is NFC Pairing and its future prospects?

NFC - Near Field Communication n.1

With NFC pairing we can make the connection between two bluetooth devices, simply by contacting the NFC module of the two devices. This totally simplifies the bluetooth connection, as we no longer have to search for the device to be connected, lose a possible password etc., but simply place near the two objects.

NFC technology has different formats and is constantly evolving. In fact, it is not limited to simple pairing, but rather to the exchange of information between two objects that are placed close together, so that the two can exchange information or send commands.
It is not excluded that in the near future, with the help of this technology, we could pay at the cash desk, or replace the obliteration of a ticket, or activate a household appliance or automatically set the temperature display on our smartphone by touching the refrigerator.