Seiwa SW500c 5" Combo Navigator

SW500c Seiwa

Seiwa SW500c 5" Combo chart, integrates the features of plotter and fishfinder 600 W, Quick Disconnect Bracket.


The Seiwa SW500c is the new 5" Combo that integrates in a prestigious way the features of plotter and fishfinder that can be well monitored both in the same screen.
The fishfinder works with a power of 600 W RMS able to reach depths up to 300 m. with the frequency at 50 KHz, while the frequency at 200 KHz will allow you to dissect the most detailed details on the shallows.
Very fast reaction times to every zoomed map, where the user can enjoy the many details of the cartography Max by Jeppesen leader in marine electronic mapping and appreciated by all professionals for greater reliability of data.


  • 060-5040

    Seiwa SW500ci without transducer (GPS int.)

  • 060-5044

    Seiwa SW500ce without transducer (GPS east)

  • 060-5050

    Seiwa SW500ci with T. Stern P58 (GPS int.)

  • 060-5054

    Seiwa SW500ce with T. Poppa P58 (GPS east)

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  • Cartography Jeppesen Max
  • Fishfinder 600 W - 50/200 KHz
  • 5" LCD 240 x 320 Pixel
  • IP67 (Waterproof)
  • Satellite Background
  • Quick Disconnect Bracket
  • Anti-Collision Weather Guardian System
  • Optional wind and AIS


ScreenLCD 5" - TFT Color 350Cd/sqm Visible Under Sunlight
Definition240 x 320 Pixels
ConstructionIP67 (Waterproof)
CartographySD-Card Max - Worldwide Background with Satellite Display up to 2 mn scales
User Points5000
Routes50 to 51 Waypoints
GPSwith Integrated WAAS System
FishFinderIntegrated with all FishFinder Features, 600 W RMS, 50/200 KHz
AISAll information via AIS receiver
Interface3 NMEA/FishFinder ports
External MemoriesVia SD card
Power supply10 - 35 Vdc - 7 W
Dimensions151h x 154 x 85 mm - Weight 700 gr
More Carats.Collision avoidance system Guardian


Internal GPS for 060-5040 and 060-5050 models, External smart GPS for 060-5044 and 060-5054. Protective cover, power/interface cable and bracket.