R1UR110XX PC-planner

R1UR110XX PC-planner C-Map

Software and code reader R1UR110XX for Windows PC and C-Card/SD reader to transfer user data from the plotter to the PC, visualization of the cartography.


This is the tool that C-MAP makes available to the user in order to transfer the history and navigation data from the plotter to the PC. You can also plan your cruise for next summer, study the course of last weekend's regatta, locate the wreck to explore and the area to fish for.

The software, specifically designed to work on any PC (with Windows operating system) is combined with a C-Card/SD reader to display the data of the map cartridge or those of the User Card or SD Card (routes, waypoints and tracks).

Only for MAX users, it is also possible to download C-Wather data, to have a simple and immediate view of the weather situation in the navigation area of interest. By storing the C-Wather data on the User Card or SD, you can transfer it and display it on the chartplotter.


  • 062-2900

    C-Map PC-Planner, Complete (reader + SW)

    Weight: 0.5 kg; Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 5.5 cm
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