Snooper Panther: Speed limit detector

Pantera Snooper

Snooper Pantera provides preventive warnings of speed cameras, traffic lights with cameras, road works cameras, TUTOR, ZTL, high risk areas.


Pantera is the first system dedicated to warn of the speed limits of the road you are travelling and the speed at which you are travelling. Pantera uses the most modern GPS technology to calculate your speed, you will know exactly the road you are travelling on and its speed limits.

Pantera comes with a pre-installed database updated with all speed limits known at the time of production. To ensure that Pantera is always up to date, a speed limit update is released each year.

Provides early warning of:

  • Speed cameras
  • Traffic lights with cameras
  • Average speed detection systems
  • Road works cameras
  • Restricted traffic area cameras
  • Accident risk zones
  • High risk areas


  • 600-1014

    Snooper Pantera - Led speed camera indicator

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Comes complete with 12 Vdc battery charger, windshield bracket.