"MR404 Boss Marine: amplifier of excellent audio quality

MR404 Boss Marine

The Boss Marine MR404 is a 4-channel marine amplifier that adapts well to the needs of a complete onboard audio system.


Amplifier intended for users who do not expect maximum audio power, but at the same time want to have a complete broadcasting system divided into 4 channels to be controlled by the fader of the source.

Technical characteristics

  • Max Power (2 Ohm) 100W x 4 channels
  • Power RMS (4 Ohm) 50W x 4 channels
  • Ratio sn 95dB
  • THD distortion 0.05%
  • Dimensions 197 x 251 x 70(h) mm.


  • 240-3514

    Boss Marine MR404, 100W x 4 Amplifier

    GTIN13: 0791489117807; Weight: 2 kg; Dimensions: 30 x 24.3 x 8.8 cm
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Models MR202 and MR404

Boss' entry into the marine audio segment has marked an epoch-making change in the diffusion of complete stereo systems on board, in fact, users have understood that the marine environment and a musical background can coexist in a pleasant context, especially if the music is able to spread in its breadth even at a low audio level.

But to exalt these prerogatives, the stereo system must not miss an amplifier combined with a good subwoofer. These new amplifiers are strictly in line with this new trend, in fact, even though they do not have a high power, they contain all the audio prerogatives that have made the Boss Marine systems a story in their own right.

These models, like the rest of the MR series, feature an original sealed door for efficient protection of the control panel and also uses waterproof connectors that come out of the amplifier through sealed passages.

"Boss Marine" recalls that a sound system that respects itself, must be able to cover all the frequencies of the audio spectrum perceivable by human hearing and the bass produced by a subwoofer, are frequencies that the listener should not give up, because they involve more sensory receptors of the human body. In order to install a subwoofer correctly, it must be driven by an amplifier, which has all the specific controls to optimize the performance of this speaker.