KS-108 Nautical FM antenna for listening to radio stations

KS-108 FM Scout

Scout KS-108 marine FM antenna, optimized for better reception of FM stations on board.


The SCOUT KS-108 marine antenna has been carefully designed to improve the reception of FM stations, so as to allow a good listening even in navigation, where the signal of the broadcasters is much more attenuated.

Technical characteristics

  • Frequency 88-108 MHz
  • Impedance 93 Ohm
  • Configuration 1/2 wave
  • Stylus material Fiberglass
  • Cable length mt. 4 + DIN ISO jack
  • Mounting 1 x 14 threads
  • Stylus height 90 cm
  • Weight 130 gr


  • 130-2910

    Scout KS-108 FM Antenna 90 cm - Dashboard - Fibre

    GTIN13: 8052990120185; Weight: 0.5 kg; Dimensions: 98 x 7 x 4 cm
Prices include VAT


  • Brilliant varnishing with UV filter
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 5 year warranty


4 metres of RG-62 cable with DIN ISO jack for connection to the radio.


Prices include VAT


The Scout series of antennas is entirely designed and built in Italy, according to the best principles of quality.
All materials used in the production are selected among the best on the market, to ensure reliable antennas in all conditions of use and for all types of use. Cables, connectors, plastics, metals and all other components are chosen to obtain antennas of the highest quality, characterized by top-of-the-range reception and transmission power, exceptional shielding, high resistance to shocks and atmospheric agents, and great attention to resonance.
For example, the 90 cm series is able to offer a real gain that is often higher than the 150 cm series of competing antennas.

Each antenna is subjected to a quality control, to ensure the quality standard SCOUT. During the engineering phase, they have been calibrated with particular attention and zeal to better guarantee the best performance.

An essential component of the Made in Italy product is the care of the design.
SCOUT antennas are all made with particular attention to line and stylistic details: the moulds of the components are designed following a logic of aesthetics and functionality of the product. SCOUT antennas are also characterized by a special paint with UV filter, to allow the antenna to shine for a long time, avoiding the effect of deterioration of the coloring. Reliable antennas to use, but also beautiful to see.

We suggest not to save money when buying a VHF antenna, because even the best VHF will not work properly when the antenna is not built to all the necessary standards.