SevenStar C701-CO: Sart with casing

C701-CO Sart SevenStar

SevenStar C701-CO Sart SOLAS option with housing, 10 Mt floating line and Velcro, bulkhead installation, FCC approved, EU MED "Wheelmark".


It has been designed to exceed the "X" band specifications described in the GMDSS regulation and has been approved for both the FCC and EU MED "Wheelmark" specifications.

Thanks to its unique digital control arrangement, many of the mechanical components have been reduced, thus ensuring maximum reliability and minimizing absorption during operation.

Thanks to a special device in the battery, the S.701 is actually the first SART that can be shipped as non-hazardous goods.

The model S.701-C/O is the SOLAS option with casing, 10Mt of floating line and velcro, to be installed comfortably in the bulkhead in the boat.

Autonomy: more than 96 hours in Stand-by and more than 8 hours Active Mode


  • 034-1711

    SevenStar S.701-C/O SART (for boats)

    Weight: 1 kg; Dimensions: 43 x 12 x 8 cm
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  • Enclosure
  • 10Mt of floating top
  • Velcro for fastening