CruzPro A60: Digital ammeter

A60 Amperometro CruzPro

Digital Ammeter CruzPro A60, provides current plant data, operates through various types of Shunts, NMEA 0183 output, 5 levels of backlighting.


The CruzPro A60 is an ammeter with digital reading of the current data of the on-board system. Programmable to work with shunts between 5 and 900 Ampere such as the CruzPro SH-150 and SH-450. You can set 5 different levels of backlighting. Power supply 12/24 Vdc. Output NMEA 0183.

All calibrations such as the Shunt type are pre-set at the factory but can be varied for any particular use. At the touch of a button, you can automatically reset the display and display the current reading from 0 to 900 Amps.

The A60 only absorbs 0.017 Ampere and can be left running continuously. Each setting will be stored in a non-volatile memory.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply voltage: 9.5 - 33 Vdc
  • Power consumption: 0.018 Amps nominal
  • Operating Temperature: 0° - 50°C
  • Display: 3 digits, 5 levels of backlighting
  • Data displayed: Ampere (Programmable with 5 - 900 Ampere Shunt)
  • Resolution: 0.1 Ampere with less than 90 Ampere shunt; 1 Ampere with more than 90 Ampere shunt
  • Prediction: Better than +/- 3%
  • Output: NMEA 0183 serial at 4800 bps (Judgment $IIXDR,I )
  • Built-in hole: 55 mm


  • 120-3110

    CruzPro A60 Ammeter

    Weight: 0.2 kg; Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm
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  • Bolts
  • Bracket for recessed installation


Prices include VAT


It is the most complete series in the CruzPro range. It is appreciated for its small size, which allows it to be installed on even the smallest boats.
They all have 5 levels of backlighting. The outer diameter is 6.3 mm, while the recessed hole is 55 mm.