Faria 33108 Series White Dress: Pressure Contamination 50 Knots

33108 Contamiglia 50 nodi Faria

Contamiglia 50 Nodi, Faria brand, Dress White series, model 33108, white, kn and Km/h scale, pressure measurement with stern pipette.


Faria Dress White, model 33108. Pressure gauge with analogue reading with scale up to 50 Nodes. Detects the speed through the optional pipette art. 91109 or 91106.

Requires a 85 mm recess hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.


  • 126-0370

    Faria Dress W. Contamiglia 50 Knots

    GTIN13: 0759266331082; Weight: 0.3 kg; Dimensions: 15.5 x 13.2 x 13 cm
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Prices include VAT


The Faria Dress White series of analogue indicators is easy to read and adapts perfectly to the aesthetic lines of modern boats. They are built with white outline and background while the graphics are in black. Like all Faria instrument series, they enjoy high reliability and precision.

The tachometer, speedometer and synchroniser require a 85 mm recess hole. All other instruments require a 53 mm hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.