Revolution counter/hour-counter 7000 Euro White for Outboard: Faria 32940

32940 Contagiri Faria

Speedometer/hour-counter scale 7000, Faria brand, model 32940, Euro White series, black ring nut, for outboard engines, with connection to the alternator.


Faria Euro White hour counter and tachometer 0-7000 rpm model 32940, for outboard engines with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20 poles alternator, selectable behind the tachometer.

Requires a 85 mm recess hole.
Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.


  • 126-2940

    Faria Euro W. Tachometer/hour-counter 0-7000

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The Faria Euro White series of bulkhead instruments stands out for its elegance, robustness, reliability and originality. They are made with white dial, contour and black graphics, making it particularly easy to read and modern design. These features make the series compatible with the design of modern and fast boats.

The tachometer, speedometer and synchroniser require a 85 mm recess hole. All other instruments require a 53 mm hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.