Chesapeake SS White Faria 13818: Fuel gauge

13818 Livello Carburante Faria

Fuel gauge, brand Faria, model 13818, series Chesapeake Stainless Steel White, works with resistive sensors of European type.


Faria 13818 series Chesapeake Stainless Steel (SS) White fuel gauge with analog reading. White colour with chrome-plated ring nut. It operates with the common European level sensors with 10-180 Ohm resistor, such as the optional 91005 or 91007.

Requires a 53 mm recess hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.


  • 126-0690

    SS Headlight White Fuel Level Indicator

    GTIN13: 0759266138186; Weight: 0.1 kg; Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.3 x 10.8 cm
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Prices include VAT


The Faria Chesapeake Stainless Steel White series of analogue readable indicators is able to enhance the aesthetic lines of any console. Surround in hand-polished brilliant steel, convex glass and particularly elegant graphics. The construction is low profile, the background is white, the hand is black and the graphics are blue and black.

The tachometer, speedometer and synchroniser require a 85 mm recess hole. All other instruments require a 53 mm hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.