Nautical and Smartphone - Instrument or Game

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The evolution of smartphones and tablets has allowed us to cheer up our activities; nautical, but their use requires a more careful evaluation.

The Evolution of the Smartphone and Complementary Devices

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It's been almost two years since we released the article on 08/05/2013:

News - Smartphone on Boat

In these two years we have seen a further evolution of the world of smartphones and tablets that makes them even more powerful and better justifiable in marine use.

At Marine Pan Service we have actively observed this further evolution and have launched in 2014 a range of truly original smartphone devices:

Product Category - Smartphone Devices

Marine Pan Service will continue to present new devices and accessories for smartphones, with the intention of making your smartphone and tablet an even more useful tool on the boat.

But despite the evolution, our approach to smartphones remains substantially unchanged: it is a device to be used with conscience.

Is a smartphone in the nautical sector a tool or a toy ?

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More and more during the races, we observe the skipper (but also the crew) get their hands on the tablet. These gentlemen of the sea take advantage of new technologies to make navigation more efficient and are certainly not distracted, nor do they compromise the level of safety. These professionals use the tablet as a "tool", this is the difference with respect to the playful use that others make of it.

For many, boating means leisure and recreation, so it's understandable that smartphones and tablets are with us especially for playing. But if in our boat the role of the smartphone is actually the game, then we can not delegate to him also the needs of navigation. When navigating we must use tools, not play, nor distract ourselves with the various features, just like when driving in the car or flying an aircraft!

If you are an experienced skipper or navigator, your smartphone and tablet can be very good tools to use in combination with the onboard instrumentation. Obviously during the navigation we will place them in the console in a fixed and protected way, in a suitable position for easy access and we will provide settings to avoid any form of distraction.

Answering the question of the title: is a smartphone in the boating industry a tool or a toy? It all depends on how you use it!

Will smartphones replace the navigation GPS on the boat?

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Let's return to a question we asked ourselves in 2013: can smartphones replace nautical GPS?

We are just at the beginning of the evolution of smartphones. We will have more powerful processors, more complementary devices to connect, more functionality and sensors inside it will become more accurate and multiply. New displays and later holograms will brilliantly solve the problem of the small screen.

In the absence of action by the authorities, the answer today is "YES", smartphones will replace the nautical GPS! But not without security costs!

We do not hide, in fact, that this article is also intended to stimulate the authorities to take their steps in this direction. Standardizing and regulating the nautical GPS helps to remind you that you navigate with the help of tools and your smartphone is just a toy if used playfully.