Cobra Marine HH125 becomes Plus

cobra marine hh125 diventa plus news 1

The popular Cobra Marine HH125 has just returned from a process of optimizing internal components and becomes "Plus".

MR HH125 EU+ in the past and in the future

Cobra Marine HH125 diventa Plus n.1

The HH125 is really the reference for those who need a cheap portable VHF, but at the same time does not want to give up the features and prerogatives of the entire range of Cobra Marine.

Today this model becomes MR HH125 EU+, thanks to a careful work of optimization of the components that has been performed inside it. But the design, price and functionality remain the same.

Thanks to its internal restyling, the MR HH125 EU+ will remain the reference for this market segment for many years to come. In fact, with a very modest price you can access a product from a brand that is synonymous with the highest technology and quality in the VHF segment.