Boss Marine other news for 2014

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Boss Marine presents two other novelties; for this season, to the most pretentious users and who want on board an optimal diffusion system.

Boss Marine Sound Systems on Boat with Art Rules

Boss Marine altre novità per il 2014 n.1

More and more yachtsmen are looking for a high quality stereo system on their boats, completing the broadcasting system with an amplifier and subwoofer.

"Boss Marine" is not neglecting this need at all and presents a wide range of marine amplifiers and subwoofers strictly designed for the needs of boats. Today this range expands further, thus positioning Boss Marine as the top choice for those who demand the most from the onboard audio system.

Boss Marine MR1950 5-Channel Amplifier

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The new MR1950 marine amplifier is at the top of the range of Boss Marine amplifiers and is the only one in the series that meets the need to be able to drive 5 separate channels with a total of 1950 W peak.

Many audio experts recommend driving the fifth channel (normally dedicated to the subwoofer) with a second separate amplifier, but on a boat this is sometimes not possible or at least this leads to a considerable increase in installation difficulties. The MR1950 brilliantly meets the need for a separate fifth channel on the same amplifier and without compromising on the final performance.

The MR1950 "Boss Marine" delivers 150W RMS on the 4 channels dedicated to speakers and 400W RMS on the fifth channel dedicated to the subwoofer. It is equipped with numerous devices to make it perfectly suitable for use on a boat, such as the entrance door and sealed controls. It also has all the adjustments normally found on the best amplifiers and the remote control of the volume.

Boss Marine MR101 Clean and Clean Bass Subwoofer

Boss Marine altre novità per il 2014 n.5

The MR101 "Boss Marine" subwoofer replaces the MR100, which improves aesthetics and structure.

The good Qms factor (mechanical merit factor) guarantees excellent mechanical damping, thus allowing cleaner and more precise bass. So although the MR101 comes with an entry level price, its performance is certainly optimal, although the maximum output power is still low (300 W RMS) compared to other subwoofers in the Boss Marine range.