BIci Electric Folding E-Bike Road

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The E-bike2 electric folding bike from Snooper has been redesigned and made more practical with the new E-Bike Strada.

E-BIke Road Electric Foldable Bike for Excellence

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Following the success of the E-BIke2, Snooper presents this new electric folding bike, which while not neglecting the strengths of the previous model, is further improved by integrating the battery inside the barrel and thus giving a better appearance, better balance of the chassis and a more solid frame structure.

The electric folding bike Strada is very easy to fold, in fact in a few seconds you can enclose it to store it in the luggage compartment of the car, the camper or in a special locker of the boat.

Every detail has been taken care of down to the last detail, such as the comfortable handlebar grip, the very bright front light, the comfortable rear rack and in general all the aesthetic lines.

The P.A.S. (Pedal Assist System), the device for assisted pedalling control, is very advanced and precise. In fact, the cyclist can comfortably decide the exact effort desired to be given to the pedaling, even acting in parallel on the 6-speed shimano gearbox. So if we're on a shopping bike we'll probably set a minimum effort, but if we're on a sports bike we'll get minimal help.

The Bici Elettrica Strada is already available in our warehouses and, like the previous model, costs the public 1,029.00 (including VAT).

A folding electric bike for many different uses

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The E-Bike Strada is an electric folding bike particularly suitable for the nautical environment as a land tender and therefore for moving within the marina or in neighboring areas.


It is very useful for campers or campers, to move around the campsite or move to the nearby shopping center for shopping or whatever.


Thanks to its particular ease of folding, it is for many an electric bike to be kept always ready in the luggage rack of the car, to be put into action whenever the city traffic becomes congested.

Daily use

Many people live in cities where there are often climbs, so it is unthinkable to move from one side to the other with a simple bicycle, without being true athletes. The E-Bike Strada, ensuring perfect control of the assisted pedalling, is able to overcome these slopes with very little physical effort.


Mountain bikers know the satisfaction of riding their own mountain bike, but not everyone has the physical ability to tackle certain uphill routes. The E-BIke Strada is useful for tackling these routes even without being a real athlete.