Cobra Marine JumPack XL H2O emergency starter

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The discomfort in staying with the batteries discharged can be significant, with the JumPack you can get out of this situation immediately.

JumPack Cobra Marine Emergency Starter

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It is not unusual to remain with exhausted batteries and not be able to start the engine. Unfortunately, this event takes away any possibility of movement to our boat, ruining our trip and also creating further inconvenience, especially if the weather conditions are not favorable.

A practical solution to this problem is the Cobra Marine JumPack XL H2O, designed specifically for this need and for the marine environment. The JumPack, with a starting point of up to 600 A, starts the engine of small boats even when the batteries are very low.

The use is totally simplified. Two terminals are ready to be connected to the battery and eye-catching LEDs will simplify the achievement of the operation. As soon as we connect the JumPack to the battery, an orange LED will tell us that the device is in the process of preparing the start-up, when instead the device is ready to start, we will be warned by a green LED. A red LED will warn us that the JumPack is empty and not suitable for starting.

The JumPack also provides the functionality of any other portable battery. In fact, it offers two 3 A. USB inputs to simultaneously charge two portable devices and thus have a useful additional charging point in the boat for our mobile phones.

The JumPack also provides the functionality of a very bright torch and in case of emergency the strobe or SOS function can be activated.

The Cobra Marine JumPack is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best dealers.

Which engines can JumPack XL H2O start ?

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It should be noted that the start is also taking advantage of the remaining charge of the batteries on board, so the more they are discharged, the lower the chances of success.

Outboard engines do not normally require a powerful starting point, so in this case the chances of success will be very good. If, on the other hand, we were to start a diesel engine, the odds would be lower, especially if the engine capacity is greater than 2000 cc.

Although the JumPack can't guarantee success in any situation, with its 600 A. starting point, comparable to a common 80 Ah battery, it's really generous and manages to surprise positively in most cases.


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  • Emergency starter for outboard engines and small diesel engines
  • 2 USB 3 A. sockets for charging portable devices
  • Torch function, with strobe and SOS
  • 12,000 mAH cobalt lithium battery
  • 400 A. of starting and 600 A. of starting
  • Dimensions 184 x 102 x 38 mm.
  • Weight 680 gr.