Nautical Instrumentation

The nautical instrumentation includes all those electronic devices that facilitate navigation, exploration and entertainment.

Nautical Instrumentation and its Origins

Strumentazione Nautica n.1

The boating industry today can benefit from a set of electronic devices that help in an excellent way in navigation, for the safety of the crew, for the exploration of the seabed and for entertainment on board a boat.

The technology of these electronic instruments is often derived from prototypes or projects set up for military purposes, such as radar, fishfinder or GPS. Obviously all these devices have been customized over time to better adapt to the specific needs of the nautical field.

Market segments

Today's nautical instrumentation ranges mainly towards the following segments:

  • Navigation electronics
  • Safety electronics
  • Motor control devices
  • Fishing devices
  • Entertainment: audio, video and LED lighting
  • Weather
  • Surveillance
  • Telemetry
  • Home automation

The devices

The specific devices that have a greater impact on the market are: