Marinizing is a series of processes in the production phase that make the product suitable for use in the marine environment.

Any product built for the marine environment will have to counteract a number of chemical/physical factors that characterize this environment, such as salt, humidity and intense sunshine.

In electronic instrumentation, marinizing pays particular attention to these 3 processes:

  • Waterproofing, consists in making an apparatus as impenetrable as possible by water, moisture or salt. The degree of waterproofing is defined by the IP standard
  • Painting of the outer shell, is done with special products that can ensure maximum resistance to UV rays, otherwise they could discolor or a bright white color could become opaque.
  • Marinating of the components, the use of components specifically built for this environment is preferred, and sometimes the internal boards are subjected to a special coating that looks like a protective film.

It should be noted that marine sterea, even if equipped with proper marinizing, are often not designed to be waterproof. For this reason, marine stereos are installed inside a protective front panel and must be kept away from the water even when washing the boat.