MF-RTF-DSC-EPIRB certified

The MF-RTF/DSC-EPIRB certificate is required for masters of fishing vessels and for those who also wish to have an SSB (MF) certificate.

The MF-RTF/DSC-EPIRB certificate represents the most complete of the two certificates reserved for masters of fishing vessels sailing within 40 miles of the coast or in the Adriatic Sea.

The MF-RTF/DSC-EPIRB certificate differs from the VHF-RTF/DSC-EPIRB certificate in that the SSB transceiver (MF) can also be used on board.

The exam is obtained on board in a simplified way, through the officials of the Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Economic Development - Communications, in charge of carrying out inspections.
The procedure is thus totally simplified, compared to the procedure to be followed to obtain SRC, LRC, ROC or GOC certificates.