RAM-B-149Z-GA6 Pulpit Kit for Garmin


Support kit from pulpit or tubular in general for the installation of Garmin series GPS 72, GPS 76, Arm height 9.5 cm.


With a diameter from 1 cm up to a maximum of 3 cm, it is ideal for pulpit installations and on tubular surfaces in general. Moreover, thanks to the ball coupling, the RAM-MOUNT support can be oriented both vertically and horizontally and, in addition to its very high resistance, it also ensures the absorption of vibrations. Arm height of 9.5 cm

The product is made of steel painted with special paints for particularly resistant and indelible boats.

The cover for the GARMIN GPS 72 and GARMIN GPSMAP 76 series has an opening at the bottom that allows you to attach the power cable. It is made of hard and resistant plastic so as to wrap the navigation system and protect it from vibrations and movements.


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    RAM-B-149Z-GA6 Garmin Pulpit Kit GPS 76 Series

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The correct placement of instruments on the bridge is a recurring problem. Often, in fact, we have limited spaces where it is difficult to place an instrument, without giving visibility to another. Or you may not be able to give the right angle to the display towards the pilot. Or removing the instrument is not easy.
These and other problems are completely solved by RAM supports!
They are made of the best metal alloys and entirely produced in the USA, in order to guarantee an unlimited duration over time. The clamping is immediate and safe by means of a knob that tightens the balls at the end, thus fixing the support in the desired inclination.