Garmin Suction Cup Kit RAM-B-148-GA1


RAM-B-148-GA1 Suction cup kit for installation of Garmin 12 series laptops on smooth surfaces and do not drill holes on the dashboard.


Support with suction cup base ideal for installations on smooth surfaces such as glass or for those who do not want to drill holes, also thanks to the coupling ball, the support RAM-MOUNT can be oriented both vertically and horizontally that in addition to a very high resistance, also ensures the absorption of vibrations. 9.5 cm rod.

The product is made of steel painted with special paints for boats particularly resistant and indelible.

The mask for the GARMIN GPS 12 series, has an opening at the bottom that allows you to attach the power cable. It is made of hard and resistant plastic so as to wrap the navigator and protect it from vibrations and movements.


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    RAM-B-148-GA1 Garmin 12-Series Suction Cup Kit

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