Nyne NH-6500 Home Stereo System Docking Tower

NH-6500 Nyne

Docking Tower Nyne NH-6500, home stereo system with excellent quality; audio with Apple 30-pin connection, Bluetooth, USB, SD, AUX, S-Video.


Nyne NH-6500 is a professional docking tower for iPod, iPhone, iPad with Apple 30 pin connector and compatible with other smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. The NH-6500 has the power and prerogatives to exceed all expectations.

With the Nyne NH-6500 you can listen to music from your smartphone mat, tune into your favorite AM/FM station or insert an old CD and more.

Although the Nyne NH-6500 is designed to be perfectly perfect to embellish even the best furnished houses, the real charm can not be seen, but only heard! Using the most advanced acoustic technology, it provides refined sound quality and an immersive audio experience. Acoustic excellence is expressed through two woofers, two tweeters and a dedicated subwoofer that deeply fills the bass.

The docking station is compatible for iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPad, iPod Touch and iPod Classic.
It is 83 cm tall, 49 cm wide, 28 cm deep and weighs 23.8 kg.


  • 240-6550

    Nyne NH-6500 Stereo Home Tower System

    Weight: 5 kg; Dimensions: 55 x 27 x 25.5 cm
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  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Docking station for Apple 30-pin connectors.
  • FM/AM radio, CD, USB memory, SD card, AUX in, S-Video and Bluetooth 2.1 (10 mt).
  • Cabinet finished in sturdy wood to improve the acoustic quality.
  • 2 tweeters, 2 woofers and 1 subwoofer.
  • Unique alarm to operate the alarm clock to iPod, iPhone, iPad, radio or alarm tones.
  • Remote control.


  • Cable for 220 Vac power supply.
  • Audio cable with two 3.5 mm male connectors.
  • Video cable with two RCA connectors.
  • Remote control.