Nyne NB-230 Bluetooth Speaker with Handsfree

NB-230 Nyne

Portable Bluetooth speaker Nyne NB-230 to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or AUX.


The Nyne NB-230 is a portable Bluetooth speaker designed with the best audio technologies available today, to reproduce in a portable way the same quality expected from a home stereo.

The NB-230 combines a sleek design with high quality sound, very full and rich. Two wide range speakers carefully cover the mid and high frequencies, while an innovative passive radiator provides for very powerful bass.

You can take it anywhere and connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or any other device capable of emitting audio. The Nyne NB-230 is constructed of lightweight materials to weigh only 1.7 kg, can be carried by its handle and has an autonomy of 4 hours in continuous use. It can be powered by 220V and 6 C-type batteries (half torch) not included.

It also incorporates hands-free functionality for answering phone calls or conducting a conference from the comfort of your own chair.
The Nyne NB-230 is 34 cm wide, 13 cm tall and 16 cm deep.


  • 240-6220

    Nyne NB-230 Portable Bluetooth Stereo System

    GTIN13: 0850399004031; Weight: 2.5 kg; Dimensions: 42.5 x 22.5 x 18 cm
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  • Portable.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (10 m) and AUX-in 3.5 mm connection
  • Handle for hidden transport.
  • High Audio Quality.
  • Hands-free functionality.


  • Power supply for 220 Vac.
  • Audio cable with two 3.5 mm male connectors.