MR20PA Boss Marine Verbal Amplifier

MR20PA Boss Marine

The MR20PA Boss Marine Verbal Amplifier System, allows you to talk through the sound system of the boat.


If you already own an amplifier, you can equip it with a voice amplifier system by purchasing the MR20PA.
So you can talk through the sound system of the boat, ensuring audible listening to the entire crew of the boat and the ability to give warnings to boats in the vicinity.
When you press the button on the microphone, the audio source is turned off, so your voice comes out clearly from the speakers.


  • 240-3570

    Boss Marine MR20PA, Verbal Amplifier

Prices include VAT


Models MR800, MR1000, MR1200 and MR1950

Features an original sealed door for efficient control panel protection.
They also use waterproof connectors that come out of the amplifier through sealed passages.

  • Bridge operation (Tri-mode)
  • Variable High and Low Pass Crossovers
  • Adjustable gain
  • Bass increase: 0 ? 18dB
  • Ignition and protection LED indicators
  • Adjustable input voltage sensitivity
  • MOSFET Power Supply