Faria FFM027 Euro series: Fuel economy

FFM027 Econometro Carburante Frontale

Digital fuel economy fuel meter, brand Faria, model FFM027, black outline, fuel flow meter supplied.


Faria FFM027, Euro series. Fuel for determining actual fuel consumption for petrol engines.
It allows you to substantially reduce navigation costs by making the engines work at optimal speed and providing updated information on all parameters related to fuel management.

Complete with flow meter sensor to detect the amount of fuel that is fed into the engine.
Displays instantaneous, partial and total fuel consumption, residual fuel and has a low level alarm.
Requires a 53 mm recess hole. Equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.

It is not able to operate with recirculating fuel engines such as diesel engines and some injection engines.


  • 126-0250

    Euro Fuel Air - with Fuel Flowmeter

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The Faria Euro series of analogue indicators stands out for its easy reading, robust construction, elegant design and reliability. They are designed with brilliant white graphics, black dial and border. This realization makes the instruments aesthetically pleasing and in line with the colors of most of the planks.

The tachometer, speedometer and synchroniser require a 85 mm recess hole. All other instruments in the series require a 53 mm hole. They are equipped with backlighting with 12 Vdc power supply.