Portable fishfinder fishfinder fishfinder Norcross F33P

F33P NorCross

Norcross F33P fully portable fishfinder fishfinder with a weight of only 140 gr.


All the portability of a fishfinder enclosed in 140 grams at an affordable price.
Particularly suitable for lovers of sport fishing, the FishFinder F33P does not require installation and thanks to its small size and its valid peculiarities it is also very useful for those who already have a fixed fishfinder, but want the same reliability "at hand".

The reading of the background details is very accurate and "ready" thanks to the transducer scan performed 4 times per second. Graphic representation is revolutionary, in fact we no longer find the historical classic of the background that most often confuses, especially if there is no movement, but only the representation of objects placed between the background and the surface.

It is equipped with a set of icons to identify the nature of the bottom (if rocky, muddy or sandy) and another set that can indicate the turbidity of the water and if there are suspended algae.


  • 090-8100

    Norcross HawkEye F33P Portable Fishfinder

    GTIN13: 0818800335501; Weight: 1 kg; Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 10 cm
Prices include VAT


  • Frequency Transducer 200 khz
  • Sonar Beam Angle : 25 Degrees
  • Transducer cable length: 10.7 Mt (35 Ft)
  • Diameter: 4,2 cm
  • Height: 3.7 cm


  • Carrying bag
  • Wrist strap
  • Transducer with 10.7 m cable
  • Adjustable float


Prices include VAT