Compressed air trumpet Snooper Ecoblast BH001

Ecoblast BH001 Snooper

Snooper Ecoblast BH001, through the new high quality valve; of Eco Blast you can recharge the trumpet that will be; always ready to use.


The new high quality valve of Eco Blast™ allows you to recharge your trumpet, via the optional mini pump and with a regular bicycle pump or even with a compressor that you can also find in a gas station.

In seconds, Eco Blast™ is ready to emit a powerful 120 dB signal. It does not use chemicals operating in all weather conditions and extreme temperatures, you can safely use it near a heat source and in any location.

In addition, with Eco Blast™ there will be no more concerns about potential leaks of chemicals, harmful to the environment.


  • 270-1020

    Snooper Ecoblast BH001 Air Horn

    GTIN13: 0775904032111; Weight: 0.2 kg; Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 7 cm
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  • No Gas Technology
  • Does not release chemical elements
  • Air Rechargeable
  • Signal 120 dB