CruzPro DI30-8: Dimmer 8 A Brightness regulator

DI30-8 Dimmer CruzPro

CruzPro DI30-8 electronic dimmer potentiometer, regulates the brightness; of incandescent lamps, up to 8 A, input for remote ignition.


Dimmer for precise brightness control of incandescent lamps. This potentiometer, also called dimmer, allows you to adjust the lighting of the boat according to the needs of the user. It can also be used for small DC motors with a power consumption of up to 8 Ampere. The ON/OFF switch can remember the selected light level to return to the same light level.

Switching on can be controlled by a remote switch or by a twilight switch to switch the lights on and off at sunset and sunrise. The DI30 absorbs only 0.017 Ampere and is designed to operate continuously.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply voltage: 9.5 - 33 Vdc
  • Absorption: 0.012 Amps nominal
  • Maximum current: 8 Ampere
  • Decrease or increase of intensity, ON/OFF
  • Input: for remote ON/OFF or optional twilight switch
  • Built-in hole: 55 mm


  • 120-3230

    CruzPro DI30/8 Dimmer 8 A. (potentiometer)

    Weight: 0.2 kg; Dimensions: 14 x 11.3 x 15.5 cm
Prices include VAT


  • Bolts
  • Bracket for recessed installation


Prices include VAT


It is the most complete series in the CruzPro range. It is appreciated for its small size, which allows it to be installed on even the smallest boats.
They all have 5 levels of backlighting. The outer diameter is 6.3 mm, while the recessed hole is 55 mm.