AM6FF Aquamate: Waterproof Camera Case

AM6FF Aquamate

Waterproof case AM6FF Aquamate allows you to use and protect from water the camera on board and in any outdoor use.


The waterproof case AM6FF Aquamate allows you to use compact camera on boat or at sea protecting it from splashes of water and sand. The special transparent window allows you to take sharp photos without any problem. Dimensions 132 x 175 mm.


  • 140-0060

    AM6FF - Fixed Focus Camera - 132x175 mm.

    Weight: 0.1 kg; Dimensions: 20.3 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm
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New generation of waterproof cases to protect all portable electronic instruments.
The AQUAMATES are in fact practically indestructible, if the material is put in traction, at the release, the case resumes exactly its shape. This is due to the use of an advanced plastic material (with a "memory") that is also unalterable by UV rays.
The AQUAMATE, in addition to protecting, allow access to delicate functions on equipment such as GPS, VHF and mobile phones, allowing you to speak normally through the case leaving virtually unchanged the audio quality of the instrument both in reception and transmission.
The closing of the AQUAMATE is completely hermetic, a prerogative that allows the instrument to float in the water.


Thanks to their prerogatives, AQUAMATES effectively protect against water, sand, dirt, sun and even spillage of drinks.
They are therefore widely used in pleasure boating, on the beach by the sea, in trekking and in the daily protection of any delicate instrument.
There are many models available depending on the instrument to be protected, for example, in the model for the camera, the optical window allows you to take pictures in the rain and helps for everyday protection against moisture.