A 2016 Effervescent

un 2016 effervescente news 1

We are at the end of the planning for the 2016 season, resuming activities; our column of MPS News and we present important projects.

Several news for next season ...

Un 2016 Effervescente n.1

After our usual summer break, the column of MPS News restarts. We will be presenting several new products on the market in the coming weeks and we firmly believe that many of them may be a reference for Summer 2016.

We will also be presenting a new brand that embraces many areas of consumer electronics, but also includes some products suitable for the marine sector.

On the right we have selected the image of the product that was most successful in the summer of 2015.

The progress of our online activities

Screenshot odierno su Alexa
Screenshot today on Alexa

We hope to reaffirm the success we have achieved with the 2015 innovations and to further increase our audience. An audience that in the last year has grown by 40% and that allows us to be still the most visited site in Italy in our segment, as it would appear in the following ranking list:

Alexa - Rank on Nautical category > Accessories and components

Although the data collected by these WEB rating companies, represent only summary indications and not free from errors, Alexa remains the most historical and the most accredited.

These data, in addition to our leading position, highlight a growth of the site of Magellano Store, one of the most concrete realities in the online sale of our industry, to which we offer our warmest congratulations.

Marine Pan Software

Anteprima del nostro sito mobile
Preview of our mobile site

Marine Pan Service is also a software house since 1984 (the year of creation of our first management) and unlike others who simply assemble plug-ins and libraries, we produce software from the single bit, through the tools of our creation.

These software activities brought back into vogue with our own distribution and communication needs, are now beating more and more within our company and it is becoming increasingly difficult to "say no" to the requests that are coming to us.

The year 2016 will therefore also be dedicated to the reopening to the market of software projects, but we will select only the most ambitious ones.

In particular, on November 9, 2015 we will present our mobile version of our site, which is identified as one of the earliest approaches to making a mobile site, as similar as possible to the prerogatives of a dedicated app, trying in some way to defeat the bad habit of many sites to force the user to download a separate app, to give it a better browsing experience.

Our mobile site will include several plug-ins, all of our own creation, and introduces the concept of plug-in controllers, i.e. routines that provide refined data to the plug-ins and also intervene with corrective maneuvers, to free the plug-ins from the direct management of events and avoid controlling themselves, each in a manner unrelated to the other plug-ins present.

Among the various plug-ins, two in particular represent small new ideas that are added to the great world of software. These 2 plug-ins, in addition to adding value to our business card, make us proud to contribute to the technological evolution of websites. If you are curious, all you have to do is wait patiently for 9 November!