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Marine Pan Service releases the new desktop version, an uncommon site that needs an introduction to be properly used.

Speed, continuity and harmony

La nostra nuova versione Desktop n.1
La nostra nuova versione Desktop n.2
La nostra nuova versione Desktop n.3
La nostra nuova versione Desktop n.4

Our new desktop version was born with the motto "speed, continuity and harmony" and uses the engine we created for the mobile version, but with specific features for those who surf in a fixed location and with a larger screen. At the same time we have revised a bit all our engine, creating benefits also for the mobile version.

The desktop version is visibly different for the Smart Menu fixed on the right and other many secondary measures, all aimed at facilitating navigation from a fixed location. The desktop version is still enabled to operate with touch screen devices, so it is also well suited for use on tablets.

The desktop version has not been designed for screens smaller than 10" and like the mobile version, it needs updated browsers and the latest generation of devices in order to operate at its best.

A sore point concerns the section on the reserved area, which still preserves the previous technology. It will be our next commitment to implement this area as well.

In the last paragraph we will give you an example to understand some mechanisms, we think it is important that you read it, before navigating on our site.

If you want to know more about the techniques of our site, please read this page:

About Us Area - Site Presentation Page

We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to enhance our brands and offer our customers an excellent tool for consulting our products.

Premise for the example that we invite you to realize

We structured our site with a technology we called Ajax Fine Tuning. In practice, we intensively use Ajax technology, which is still not widespread in common sites, because if it is not optimized properly, there is a risk of not having benefits, while a proper calibration work now requires an investment of several million euros. In the near future, costs will be lowered and this technology will become more and more widespread.

For this reason we suggest you to provide the example we give you, not only to navigate the best on our site, but also to be ready for this evolution. You will understand that the navigation mechanisms are different from those of common sites.

In our site an Ajax session is structured like a small booklet, which we can scroll through with incredible speed, continuity and harmony. The entrance in a new Ajax session, is evidenced by the change of titles in the header that enter the scenario with a small wave effect.

The example that we give you here, should be run on our desktop version and only if you have an updated browser on a device of last generation, otherwise you will not have the right tool to understand the technology.

Example to make the best use of our site

Esempio Opzione 1
Example Option 1
Esempio Opzione 2
Example Option 2
Esempio Opzione 3
Example Option 3
Esempio Opzione 4
Example Option 4
Esempio Opzione 5
Example Option 5

Click on one of our brand cards on the menu at the bottom right of the page. At this point, we are in the Ajax session of the main brands and we have at least 6 options to move on to another brand, try them:

  1. Click on the Ajax bar (the top bar) on the item of the brand we want.
  2. Click on the Ajax Arrows, the arrows at the top located just below the Ajax bar, one on the right and the other on the left. We can also hold them down to go faster or challenge the speed of our engine (up to 60 pages per second!).
  3. Make a swipe (drag) at the top of the screen (just below the Ajax bar), or if we are not on a touch screen, we can imitate the swipe with the mouse.
  4. If we are on a mobile device, we can activate the Tilt & Slide (our exclusive plug-in) and go back or forth by tilting the device.
  5. Press the right or left arrow key on your keyboard.
  6. Click on the card of another brand.

Whatever your option, you will see that the contents will appear without the tedious wait for the page to load and with a series of relevant animations.

At this point you can press the "page back" button of your browser and you will find backwards the same effects that you encountered in your initial test.

Congratulations, you have just understood, how Ajax technology behaves and more specifically our Fine Tuning.

The whole site is based on this type of operation. For example, if we want to scroll through the products by category we will have a similar operation. Same for the individual products, for the News, for the Glossary and for our presentation area ("who we are"), in short, every corner of the site works in this way (except the reserved area).

In this way, you will consider our site as a set of booklets, to be browsed with extreme comfort and speed, so as to better compare the characteristics of our products and better finalize your choices.