40 years of Marine Pan Service

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The 29th of May 2013 Marine Pan Service will celebrate; its 40 years, an anniversary that pushes us to make this 2013 an intense year full of events.

40 years of satisfaction

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Marine Pan Service has always believed in technology, as the best support to navigate ships and boats, in a more convenient and safe way. Never in our work have we forgotten this healthy approach that has made it easy for us to carry on with passion our commitments.

Many satisfactions have invaded these 40 years, but if we want to highlight some, we can not help but mention those received from our customers. A clientele that recognizes our commitment has always been the best incentive to try to improve further and present ourselves on the market in a different way: the Marine Pan Service way, a happy island even in times so uncertain for our industry.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "I was 8 years old when my father took me to visit the company's offices a few days before the opening ceremony in 1973. I certainly didn't have the maturity to grasp all the concepts related to that event, but my father had the ability to make me understand that this would be an important day, today I clearly understand why. The principles with which my father founded this company are still alive and together with my brother, we always refer to these concepts before making a decision.

40 years of technology

Technology has always invaded our corridors, for 40 years we have looked beyond the horizon that hides the future, we have always wanted to be forerunners, these are our 40 years.

We need technology because our core business is electronics, but also because our operations require the most advanced tools. An example of this is our computer system, already perfectly operating in LAN since 1984 and since then we have never used any company management system that has not been realized by us. We want to continue our work with quality and therefore we cannot delegate such a vital operation, to other external companies, which at least, for sure, would not have the same passion as us.

Our motto No Outsourcing is explained in the previous example, but we have not only limited ourselves to our computer system, in fact any business mechanism that concerns the production of our services has always been managed by us directly. In today's market contractures, this motto makes the difference even more, as it makes it even more difficult to find particularly efficient external companies.

Marine Pan Service Today

Today, instead, we are stimulated by the world of the WEB, a new project, developed entirely by Marine Pan Service and with which we want to celebrate these 40 years, simultaneously launching MPS News a new column dedicated to the news of our market.

MPS News will in fact be the tool with which we will scan the news that we have prepared precisely to make this anniversary important. Our hope is that you will appreciate these news and our communications.