AIS transponder

The AIS Transponder, is an AIS transceiver that is able to both transmit its own data and receive those transmitted by other vessels.

Its operation

The AIS transponder, or active AIS, unlike the AIS receiver (or passive AIS), is not only able to receive AIS information from nearby vessels, but also to transmit its own information to the system.

AIS, why so precious ...

It is not only an important tool to avoid collisions, but also makes itself useful in all emergency situations.

For example, when we need to contact boats in the vicinity or allow rescuers to better locate their location.

Let's not forget also that knowing the presence of other boats improves the perception of the situation, thus making the choices of the captain more aware.

Because of these peculiarities, AIS is becoming more widespread, especially among the following users:

  • Sailing boats that sail at a distance from the coast
  • Racing boats (in some cases this is a mandatory requirement)
  • In deep-sea fishing
  • In coastal fishing (trolling, boiling, diving)
  • For those who prefer the roadstead
  • For those who often sail near ports
  • For monitoring friends' boats or for fleet navigation
  • For those who sail abroad (in some countries or areas there may be a requirement for recreation)